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industrial & organizational psychologist

credentialed executive coach and expert facilitator

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My approach to coaching focuses on four key fundamentals to ensure structure and measurable results.


what makes you unique, and setting​ goals​

Gathering essential feedback from others to gain diverse perspectives

Explore and enhance self-awareness through a coaching partnership

Linking actions to outcomes that meet individual and organizational objectives

My Story

I never thought I'd end up as both an academic and entrepreneur.

Growing up, I had learning disabilities, which taught me a lot about how I learn best. ​It was tough dealing with the stigma, feeling like I wasn't good enough. But over ​time, I learned to embrace what makes me unique.

That experience has allowed me to support others who struggle with feeling ​inadequate. From special education to earning a doctorate in Industrial and ​Organizational Psychology, I've seen how people can thrive despite challenges.

With 25+ years of corporate experience, I've learned practical ways to help ​individuals and organizations grow. I use coaching, facilitation, and consulting to ​tackle everyday leadership hurdles and drive real transformation.

Karyn Edwards

Ph.D., Founder & CEO

Credentialed Professional & Executive Coach (PCC)



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Facili-coaching is a term that combines the skills of leadership and executive coaching with expert facilitation. This combination results in a framework that offers structure and the flexibility to take the dialogue where needed.

Guided by an ICF Professionally Credentialed Coach (PCC) this approach offers confidence that a meaningful and productive conversation will result.

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Evidence-Based Executive Coaching

Coaching is an individualized partnership aimed at guiding and developing leaders to enhance their performance, overcome challenges, and achieve their full potential. It involves co-creation between the coach and an executive, focusing on self-awareness, goal setting, development, and actionable strategies to drive individual and organizational success.

Coaching provides a supportive and confidential environment for leaders to explore their strengths, address growth areas, and cultivate effective leadership behaviors that positively impact business outcomes.

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high-potential development

High-potential development is a strategic process that identifies and nurtures talented individuals within an organization to prepare them for future leadership roles.

This service involves assessing employees' skills, competencies, and potential for growth, followed by targeted development plans to enhance their leadership capabilities, decision-making skills, and strategic thinking.

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Meet The Coaches

Karyn Edwards, PhD, PCC

Corey Dysick

Diana Ideus, MS, MCC

Dr. Karyn Edwards started Abloom Consulting in 2021 to pursue her life mission: inspiring people to realize their potential. She takes an evidence-based approach to bringing professional coaching and personal development to leaders so they can take control of their future. Her work is rooted in her 25+ years as a senior leader. She has a solid understanding of what leaders experience and also understands what organizations are looking for in their top leaders.

As an executive coach, Karyn has helped executives, senior leaders, and purpose-driven professionals take their lives and careers to the next level. She was accepted into Forefront, a selective accelerator program for rising stars in the leadership development field, where she received mentorship and teaching from #1 Leadership thinker Marshall Goldsmith and other top coaches. Karyn passes along this experience as a coach educator and mentor.

Karyn earned a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational psychology, a master’s degree in organizational management, and certificates in business process improvement and professional and executive coaching. Karyn is certified in multiple psychometric assessments to help leaders and teams gain a better understanding of themselves and their colleagues.

John Reed, PhD, MCC

Corey is an executive coach and facilitator that helps leaders tackle the professional and personal goals that mean the most to them. These goals range from outer work on difficult conversations, giving and receiving feedback, career transitions, and growing revenue, to inner work on emotion management, boundary setting, and self awareness. Since 2014 Corey has helped hundreds of leaders experience breakthroughs through coaching.

In college at Stanford University his interest was sparked in evidence based growth frameworks by now famous Professor Carol Dweck. Since then, Corey has spent 10 years working at the world’s most cutting edge coaching companies. This includes working directly with Alan Fine, world renowned coach and author of the GROW model, and David Rock, the author of SCARF and other neuroscience informed models. In addition, Corey has received training through the International Coaching Federation.

Juliann Wiese, PCC, CMC

Diana Ideus has her Master’s in Executive Coaching and Organizational Behavior and is one of only 1300 coaches globally to have attained the level of Master Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. Diana leverages her coaching, consulting, management, and leadership development supporting leaders and entrepreneurs in fast growth for-profit companies in tech, finance, and healthcare.

Diana’s areas of specialty include Mergers and Acquisitions, Organizational Culture Development, Growth and Scalability, Change Management, Innovation and Technology Implementations, Succession Planning, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Development, High Potentials, and Coaching Strategies for Leaders.

Diana believes that there was a better way to do business and that if we take care of our people that they will take care of the profits. In addition to her work with leaders and companies, Diana teaches professionals how to coach at the university level and in courses approved by the International Coaching Federation.

Diana is certified in Predictive Index, Enneagram, DRiV, and Hogan in order to support leaders, teams, and groups to gain insights about themselves and optimize their productivity.

Sebastian Little, PCC

John is an experienced coach and leadership advisor also known for 20 years as the #1 proponent for elevating professional coaching competence requirements to benefit and protect clients globally. Three industry leaders certify him as a master coach: the International Coaching Federation, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, and the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches.

John specializes in guiding talented individuals and their organizations in 14 sectors including aerospace, biotechnology, entertainment, financial services, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail and technology. In over 6000 coaching hours, he has helped many C-level leaders, founders, partners, boards, teams, and various other professionals. He boasts a diverse clientele ranging from F100 corporations to private equity-backed startups.

With a robust skill set integrating leadership, strategy, psychology and coaching, John’s training includes an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and a PhD from the University of Georgia. He is a licensed business psychologist, Navy veteran and former Accenture strategy practice professional. He founded Quinn Reed Associates in 2004 to empower leaders to achieve unprecedented heights.

Juliann has had the privilege of coaching over 500 leaders, go-getters, high-achievers, and executives in the past 10 years in her role as an executive coach. She has also been fortunate enough to have facilitated thousands of training sessions and development workshops all over the globe.

Juliann is passionate about supporting individuals, teams, and organizations as they develop new skills and expand their perspectives.

To further enhance her coaching capabilities, Juliann is certified to facilitate a wide range of renowned programs and assessments, including Hogan, DiSC, Social Styles, PDI Profilor, Predictive Index, SPIN Selling, Five Dysfunctions of Teams, Fierce Conversations, Strength Finders, and Situational Leadership.

By leveraging these cutting-edge tools and her extensive expertise, Juliann is dedicated to empowering her clients to unlock their full potential, overcome obstacles, and achieve their professional and personal goals. Whether working with individuals, teams, or entire organizations, Juliann's mission is to inspire transformative growth and lasting success.

Sebastian Little is a Leadership + Performance Coach. He partners with high-performing leaders and teams to optimize culture, close performance gaps, and unlock leadership potential.

Sebastian has worked with clients across professional sports (NHL, MLB, NBA, etc), non-profit, and corporate spaces. His coaching approach consists of a mix of ontology, positive psychology, and mental performance. Seb attended Yale University and is a professor of practice at Georgetown University.

You will work alongside Seb through a personalized process of connecting to your core greatness – free from limiting beliefs and the internal critic – and craft an empowered relationship with yourself. You will learn new tools, frameworks and distinctions designed to implement transformative change in your life. Seb thrives on turning unreasonable dreams into goals and action plans. You’ll hit your stride and begin actualizing the plan that you have set out for yourself. With Seb you will focus on experimentation, expanding your comfort zone, and making consistent progress on your most important goals.


It has really made an impact.

"The content was fantastic and delivered in an easy- to-digest way! It has really made an impact on how l approach different work scenarios. I will definitely draw up the knowledge shared to continually enhance

my leadership skills and connections."

Program Participant


This was a great approach.

“The iterative progression of our team coaching allowed us to key in on the items we wanted to focus on. This was a great approach - it became easy to see what was important to the group and how we should

prioritize our attention."

Program Participant


It paid off as I transitioned in my career.

“In my time working with Karyn, she helped me recognize that I knew what I needed to do and that I should put more trust in my inner voice and rely on my experience. It paid off a great deal as I transitioned my career to a new role at a global company.”

Andrea Parsons

Director Global Communications

A tailored experience.

“Karyn is a coach in a colleagues' body. She takes the time to learn not only about you, but about the business you work in. By doing this, she can create a tailored experience for you that captures the true context of the day to day challenges you face - it's anything but generic!”

Brendan Robinson

SVP Global Services

I became a better leader.

“With Karyn’s coaching, I did more than achieve a single goal, I became a better leader, manager, peer, and person. Plus, we had fun along the way! I cannot express how grateful I am to Karyn and recommend her to anyone seeking personal and/or professional growth.”

Gabriel Hartmann

Senior Engineer

It far exceeded my expectations.

“Karyn coached me during a career transition with successful results that far exceeded my expectations. Karyn is an excellent coach who is passionate about cultivating confidence and professional growth in others.”

Kolene Miller

Director Talent Acquisition & DEI

A strategic lens.

“If you're looking for someone with a wealth of knowledge to help you equip the people in your organization from a strategic lens and then get down into the nitty gritty to make it happen, work with Karyn.”

Kaitlin Hendry

Change Management Specialist

Expert navigation in my new role.

“Karyn has been instrumental in coaching me through a recent leadership transition. In our work together, she expertly applied an understanding my of personal goals and our broader business objectives to co-author a development plan that enhanced my leadership performance and created better outcomes for the team and membership I serve.”

Catherine Richardson

Chief Operations Officer

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